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Why This Website Makes Me Want to Hurt Babies - DecemberSins
Whatever lies beyond this morning...
Why This Website Makes Me Want to Hurt Babies
Exhibit A:

So I go find free hosting and it sounds all good enough for this little beginner site I'm putting up, right?

It even has three emails.

But I keep having email issues. Like I keep going through everything I can find to set up Outlook Express and finally...finally...after three freaking days...I finally get it so that when I send a message to my spiffy new email address, it appears in my Outlook inbox. I'm stoked. But then I can't send email. No matter how many FAQs I reference or help I look at I can't send mail. So finally I send a message to tech help.

Guess what they tell me? Free hosting does not allow you to send email. You can receive email, but you can't send it. To send email I need to upgrade to paid hosting for $35 a year or buy an email package.

1. After I learned this little catch, I went to look at my plan details again. All it says is that you receive 3 mailboxes. Nothing about not being able to send. In fact, all the paid hosting say the same thing--mailboxes. There is nothing to indicate these mailboxes are different.

2. How pointless is the email box that receives but doesn't send? Honestly...

3. The smallest email package is for 100 freaking mailboxes for $12 a year. And yeah, $12 isn't a lot, but couldn't they offer me, like, 50 for $6? What the hell am I going to do with 100 freaking mailboxes? If I'm paying for them, they're getting used, yo.

Not to sound like Reno there, but I totally just did.

So I decided everyone who writes a column/writing guides as site staff gets their own email. And that's how its going to be.

And then I'm giving them out to my friends and family and then strangers on the street.

Or something like that.

100 freaking emails. Are you kidding me?

Emotion: aggravated aggravated