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Whatever lies beyond this morning...
Title: Forgiveness
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Claim: Cloud/Riku
Theme: [072.] Happy
Word Count: 2,975
Rating: R
Summary: Cloud could never shake the feeling that terrible things were destined to happen in this place. Simply, he was outnumbered.

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing related to the Kingdom Hearts (or Final Fantasy) franchise. I’m sure it shows.

Author’s Note: The honest to God truth is that I started this chapter right after I finished the last one, ran into a minor problem with the storyline, fixed it almost immediately, and just never returned until now because I was either busy with other commitments or I just didn’t think to do it. Silly me. So it’s been two years that I’ve been writing this story and it will be finished this year. Why? Because when I made my New Years’ Resolutions, my roommate put down on my list that I finish this story by December 31st or she is deleting all the files on my computer and never allowing me to write in it again whether I have two chapters to go or not. Heh.

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Emotion: accomplished accomplished
Inspiration: Arashi - 5x5

I am a terrible blogger/fanficcer/etc. because I disappear for such long periods of time with no explanation as to where I've gone. And I know I'm terrible. I do.

I've totally been putting off stuff, too.

Like instead of writing, I say it's because I'm busy (and I am) but I do get free time. I just choose to use it in ways other than writing.

Like since I wrote chapter 71 of 100 steps, I started learning Japanese. In my defense, however, I love Japan, and I kind of feel I have to since I'm going to be transferring to TUJ (Temple University Japan) at some point and I'd like to have some language down before I'm like...living in Tokyo...and stuff.

Oh, and I learned to knit. Really. Instead of writing I learned to knit, which honestly, is something I've wanted to do since the first Harry Potter movie just because I wanted one of those freaking scarves. And now I love it. I can spend hours (like, really, hours) just watching anime and knitting.

Oh, and I cleaned my parents house. And when I say clean, I mean, like...Okay, if you're ever seen Clean House, cleaned like that. Like went through absolutely everything and cleaned that house out and if you knew what my parents house looked like before I cleaned it, you would understand why it took four effing trips and it still isn't fantastic.

And then there's everyday busy. Like sleeping for four hours and getting woken to best friend's mother (since I live with best friend's family) crying about how she wants me to wake up and make her coffee in my coffee pot. This happens because:

A) She doesn't want the coffee pot cluttering up the kitchen
B) She refuses to buy her own coffee pot because she insists they make the coffee taste weird after awhile


C) She likes my ground coffee better than her instant coffee.

Seriously. Its annyoing. Plus best friend's mother is so sick and disabled she's going to be on disability for the rest of her life so me and best friend spend most of our days cleaning this house, grocery shopping, making her tea when she can't get out of bed, and doing other various household things. And if she decides she feels like cooking, it all goes crazy because its too exhausting to do on her own.

I have sympathy, really, but sometimes I wish she'd do things she actually can do. Like put her dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Or run the dishwasher.

I know my life has hit a low point because the dishwasher represents all that is evil in the world.

Anyway, the point is, now that the new year has come, best friend has forced me to stop being so stressed about everything and I was forced New Years Resolutions upon me. That's right. I didn't get to make my own New Year's Resolutions. And the first thing best friend says when making New Years Resolutions is "This year you are going to finish your CloudxRiku Kingdom 100 story or you're never allowed to write in it again."

I, sheepishly, agree. Because honestly 30 chapters isn't that many.

But then it hit, like, the end of January and I started to get nervous. Cause I hadn't written anything.

So now I'm blogging to give myself a rest because I have to go and edit not one, but three effing chapters, and throw them all up here on LJ and at fanfiction.net. Cause 30 chapters really isn't that many.

Okay, so it was like 29. Which is even better than 30. But now it's 26 so...yay me!

Off to edit. Cause now that I've finished the Advent Children arc, I need to post.

And I'm happy that's that because those Advent Children chapters were some of the hardest things I've ever had to write.

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Inspiration: Hyde - Seventh Heaven

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Title: Parallel
Author: Page of Cups
Pairing: Cloud/Riku
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: K+ or PG
Theme: 16. invincible; unrivaled
Disclaimer: I so don’t own Kingdom Hearts it isn’t even funny. Sometimes I do in my hallucinations, but I have problems, so that doesn’t count.

Author’s Note: You know those stories that pop into your head while you’re trying to fall asleep and harass/assault you until you get back out of bed and write it because it’s sounding too damn good/won’t leave you alone? Yeah. This is one of those stories.

ParallelCollapse )

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Inspiration: Arashi - Happiness

Title: Nightmare
Author: Page of Cups
Pairing: Cloud Strife/Riku
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: K+ or PG (Choose your own Rating System poison)
Theme: 8. Our Own World
Disclaimer: I so don’t own Kingdom Hearts it isn’t even funny. Sometimes I do in my hallucinations, but I have problems, so that doesn’t count.

Author’s Note: I know it’s been awhile but...Okay, so I really do feel bad about it, but it isn’t really my fault. Life has been terribly in my way, especially the holiday season. I feel like today is my first day to really sit down and breathe in over a month and I had to travel home, unpack, and do laundry today, so put that together. Anyway, I’m really sorry and I promise I’ll be better. Like, I’ll update once a month or something...

...And yes, more 100 Steps is coming. I haven’t abandoned it. I just tend to get busier and busier the older I get and taking care of a household plus school isn’t easy. I’m very sorry.

NightmareCollapse )

Nook: HOME!
Emotion: happy happy

Am highly irate and bipolar at the moment.

Want to drop off the face of the fanfic universe again.

Caution: Pointless Obnoxious Bitching Ramble For Those Who Click HereCollapse )

Something I think that's kind of weird about me? I feel bad for grapefruits.

Seriously. Because no one likes them. So I eat grapefruit because I feel bad for grapefruits. I'm actually starting to like it.

Then again, I'm the person who acquired a taste for coffee and espresso because I think drinking coffee and espresso is very posh.

I also say 'ouch' when something doesn't actually hurt.

I don't know what all of this says about me as a person.

I should stop before I'm committed.


Emotion: sick sick
Inspiration: Brandy & Monica - The Boy is Mine

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So I confess...

I really hate poetry. I hate how lofty it is. I guess this is because I am a student of the Stephen King/Elements of Style variety, but I hate all the metaphors. I hate all the imagery. I hate stanzas and all the rhyming, and the weird way all the words are put together.

In case you can't tell, I'm currently putting off helping one of my friends with her English homework. Because I am, apparently, the person to go to for help with English. Unfortunately, I don't like poetry, which is what she's working on right now.

It's not that I don't get poetry. I get most poetry. I just don't like it. And I hate answering questions about poetry.

Like I care about the meanings of the way refrains are used and whatnot.

I really love song lyrics, though. I guess I just like it with music.

Or maybe I just hate the way lit books talk about poetry, like its some advanced form of writing, and only truly intellectual people enjoy poetry. It's so snobbish.

I suppose I should go work on this poetry crap. I really wish I was fucking around with my fanfiction instead.

Emotion: annoyed annoyed

Title: Of Responsibility and Childish Want
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Claim: Cloud/Riku
Theme: [071.] Patience
Word Count: 5934
Rating: R
Summary: Riku wanted to be back in the safe familiarity of Hollow Bastion with busted water lines and infected computer programs. He was supposed to be growing up.

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing related to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. I’m sure it shows.

Of Responsibility and Childish WantCollapse )

(Prompt Table) for previous installments. 71/100 Complete.

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Inspiration: Best of Naruto OST

And now I'm rambling because I'm having a hard time writing (reference 'current mood' on previous post).

So I'm thinking about my last entry and since I haven't said it yet because I'm a pussy afraid to offend people, I figure it's time I say it now. Cause I can say whatever I want in my own journal.

Except for things that would put me in jail. I don't say those things.

But anyway...

I really get upset with the LeonxRiku pairing. It's true (and probably obvious). Mostly for the same reason I get upset over the ShikamaruxTemari pairing.

This isn't like the way I feel about Ron or Draco with anyone but each other (God, I can't express how I loathe Ron and Hermione together - note that I felt loathe was the appropriate word choice). This isn't even close to the concept of putting Naruto or Sasuke with anyone but each other (Their relationship drives the effing storyline, and I'm sorry, but Sasuke is gay. He just is.).

Maybe it's because I've noticed a lot of people writing LeonxRiku write CloudxRiku. Maybe it's because I feel partly responsible because of the way I wrote Leon and Riku in 100 Steps. And I know I throw Leon to whoever I feel like in a lot of stories because it's "just a side pairing" but I really am a slightly rabid Leon/Sora shipper. The only pairing I might ever write with Leon as a main character besides Leon/Sora would be a FFVIII crossover with Leon/Zell. But my love for Leon/Sora is so strong I feel there have to be a very specific set of standards for me to do it. Like...Sora's dead or something. Well, no, I couldn't kill Sora, but it would be hard. The truth is I would probably start it for kicks and never finish it. Kind of like how as much as I want to write the CloudxRikuxLeon love triangle for a 30 Kisses prompt, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I even have the story in my head, but I just can't do it.

Then again, I am the person who hates threesomes and love triangles. It's probably Dawson's Creek's fault. Turned me off from the student-teacher relationship, too.

I have so many issues. But it really does bother me.

RikuxSora just makes me laugh. I liked it, too, you know? And LeonxCloud. I still like both pairing, but geez, put Leon and Riku together and I get all upset and emotional.

Oh, geez, now I really better stop. I'm about to go onto other issues that thoroughly peeve me off and then I really will tick someone off.

It's kind of pathetic how rabid someone can be about their ships. I mean no disrepsect to anyone who actually likes LeonxRiku.


You know what's weirder than my bizarre distaste for LeonxRiku? I feel talking about this is controversial.

I have no such issues when talking about politics and religion.

Hmmmm....Just what are my priorities?

I guess I have such strong opinions that I have loose lips on important issues.

Am stubborn.


Inspiration: Best of Naruto OST

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Some people don't pre-write. I believe this is a major mistake. If your story doesn't need prewriting, it's probably not a very good story.

That was asinine to say, and I don't mean to boast, but it is true. The more complicated, detailed, and involved a story gets, the more prewriting needed. Because you simply can't close plotholes and be consistent without it.

For example:

I just reworked fucking chapters 71 - 80 of 100 Steps to Somewhere for probably the fifth time and I'm still not sure if it fucking works. I am replaying KH2 to make sure that it does. Cause, you know, when I finally thought to include Sora's progress for the sake on consistency in my notes, I thought I was good. Then I went to write, checked the KH Wiki for a quick detail check, and discovered I botched a good part of the Organization.

Like, I just forgot Axel was a traitor. Oops. So then I had to rework the timeline and chapter notes again.

The word document for my timeline and (very) vague chapter outlines is 3 pages long.

That can't be good.

That's like saying my chapters will be 30 pages long. Or something.

Cause my outlines look something like this:

Chapter 71 - RIKU (patience)
-Leave HB
-Debrief in WTNW
-Leave on Mission (night)

And that's a short chapter coming out at 13 pages so far.

And I discovered that I'm missing five days so when I get to chapters 70-whatever and I just fly through five days for both Riku and Cloud, you know why. Cause I have to account for them somewhere. They can't just vanish up in smoke.

I don't know how people do not prewrite. Maybe they have mega-big brains that hold every single minute detail up in there. Or maybe I'm just stupid.

And as a closing note, have I mentioned how pissed off I am about Xion? Because I am.

Fuck that Riku video. Fuck the fourteen Organization XIII member.

This is 1/2 inspired by the fondness for my story and 1/2 inspired by the fact that a fourteenth member to an a group named Organization XIII doesn't make me go, "Ooooh." It's just stupid. It's cheating. Nice in-between cheating game, guys. Make us a real one next time.


Like Chain of Memories, as dear as I hold that game (only because it's the first one I played). The only point in playing it is for Reverse/Rebirth. And Axel, of course.

Oh, and Zexion. Cause I kind of liked him.

But this is an entirely different, off-topic story that I shouldn't get into because then I'll just bitch, and bitch, and bitch.

No one likes a bitcher.

Unless the bitcher is Cloud. Cause he bitches, too. He does it in a very emo way, and it's all about himself, but he does.

Ha! I am getting a super awesome Cloudy bag for Christmas! Just remembered!

I have recently discovered (and think its funny) that people do not truly understand how much I love Cloudy. When I get upset about people shipping LeonxRiku, its because I'm upset for Cloud.

Bad sign. Am talking about Cloud. Need to stop or will reveal my true level of obsession. Can't have that. Might be committed.

Will return to Chapter 71 of super pre-writing.

(You'd think with all the pre-writing my story would be better. Ah, well.)

Emotion: frustrated frustrated

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Title: The Adventures of Cobo and Kuku
Author: Page of Cups
Pairing: Cloud Strife/Riku
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: T
Theme: #18 “Say Ahhh…”
Disclaimer: I so don’t own Kingdom Hearts it isn’t even funny. Sometimes I do in my hallucinations, but I have problems, so that doesn’t count.

Author’s Note: I have had one hell of a time with this theme and I’ve had many different ideas for it. This was a random idea that just came to me recently (not sure why) and I went, “Yes,” and squeed. The phrase never actually made it in the story, but alas. I still think it applies. I hope it does, anyway. It fits in my head and that’s what matters, right? The spirit of the prompt. Anyway, that’s about that. Hope everyone enjoys.

The Adventures of Cobo and KukuCollapse )

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Emotion: sleepy sleepy
Inspiration: The Used - Greener with the Scenery

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Title: Three
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Naruto x Sasuke
Other Pairing(s): Shikamaru x Ino,
Rating: R
Theme: 03. Jolt!
Summary: Naruto couldn’t explain what possessed him to press the number three. Was he really in love with Sasuke?

WARNING and Notes: While I haven’t watched any of Shippuuden and have only read up to the Gaara retrieval arc in the manga some of my details may be inaccurate. I’ve also stuck to the English manga and anime translations because I do not yet speak Japanese, write in English, and will not combine two languages when I write. I have, however, done extensive research on the storyline so there are spoilers, but if there are things wrong about them, I apologize. I blame my sources and my inability to follow Sasuke’s storyline without actually seeing/reading it as it happens.

Chapter One: The CallCollapse )

Emotion: busy busy
Inspiration: Kelly Clarkson - Walk Away

Title: Sudden Death
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Claim: Cloud/Riku
Theme: [070.] Truce
Word Count: 7,284
Rating: R
Summary: Cloud was cracking, and he didn’t know how to stop it before he shattered. Tifa’s having nothing of this.

Disclaimer: The emo-ness of this chapter forbids my brain from being witty. I own nothing. Really. In fact, I owe Disney movie club money. Take that, bitches.

Author’s Note: Blame (thank) Beatrisu. She took Riku hostage and threatened to give him to Leon.

Author’s Note 2: It seems Advent Children (as much as I love it) is as hard to write as it is to watch. I apologize for the lateness of this. I’ve also changed things around quite a bit to agree with Zack and the Kingdom Hearts storyline as I’ve detailed it within this story (and to my own personal liking). So I know it doesn’t agree. Thanks.

Sudden DeathCollapse )

(Prompt Table) for previous installments. 70/100 Complete.

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Inspiration: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

So I' m taking a short break from writing.

Because I've been writing, writing, writing.

Writing about what?  No, no.  Not RonxDraco.  Not CloudxRiku.  Not even NarutoxSasuke (because, yes, I want Naruto on top, bitches).

Het.  I've been writing het.

ShikamaruxIno het to be precise.

It's so weird for me you'd think I was both male and gay or something.

And it's hard!

It's hard because I've been writing nothing but male characters (predominantly, anyway) that I don't know how girls think anymore!

But I'm a girl!

This should come naturally, right?


And I have to keep writing otherwise Aly will kill me.

Because, for some unknown reason, she enjoys ShikamaruxIno het, too.

She never reads my stories, but she's reading this one.

We have found a het ship to proudly sail.

After seven long years of fanfiction.

Dear god, seven years of fanfiction?  Is that right?

How sad is my life?  I've been writing fanfiction for seven effing years.

That's got to be some kind of an addiction or something.  You think there are support groups?

I've been doing it so long I found a het couple.

Seven years?  Really?


No wonder I don't know how to think like a girl anymore.

This was a pointless post.

I think I like ShikamaruxIno so much because they look so good together it's disgusting.

Yes, I do think that's it.

I hope I am not killed by ShikamaruxTemari people.  I find them as a whole somewhat scary and intimidating.

I wish they'd stop calling Ino a ho.  I think she is so cute.  I <3 her.

And that never happens.

For example: I do not like Sakura.  I find her an unimpressive, whiny little bitch.  Kind of like Hermione.  I can't stand Hermione, either.  I hope she's bludgeoned to death by the first house elf she successfully frees.

Well, that was a little excessive, but still...

I do like Namine, though.  And Yuffie.  And Luna.  Sango.

I like some girls.

But I really <3 Ino.  I became even more annoyed with Sakura when she got all pissy and stopped being friends with Ino over Sasuke.  What a shitty, crapass friend.  If I were Ino, I'd have slapped that snotty bitch in the face for that shit and talked trash on her till I died.  What a stupid reason to stop being someone's friend.  Selfish whore.  I've liked the same boy as my friends before but I didn't end our friendship over it.  I had one friend that purposefully went out with a boy I liked, but she was a crappy friend and probably now has herpes because she's such a slut.

Wow.  I can be really foul sometimes.

But really, this girl was a slut.  I'm not even kidding.  We're talking the kind of girl who had three boyfriend's going at one time because, direct quote, she "likes the attention."  Even her current best friend has said she only loves herself.  So there.

But this was about Sakura.

Actually, it was about how much I heart Ino because she's so cute and badass and girly and kind of a feminist.  And how cute she looks with Shikamaru.

I am writing het.

Hell is freezing over.

I have to go finish my second chapter.

Curse Naruto to hell.  I'm far too addicted to this series.  It's like crack and I am a junkie.
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Well...it's happened. And it was bound to happen eventually, I suppose, taking into consideration the amount of merchandising (i.e. whoring) there is.

Naruto has sucked me in.

It was, once again, an accident, really. Aly and I were desperate for an anime we hadn't already watched a gazillion times. It was at Walmart. It was cheap. I've been wondering why there's so much merchandise for it everywhere because I just know it's not the same as Bam Margera's HIM pimping. We thought we'd just give it a try. And then there was the sexy jutsu, the Naruto and Sasuke kiss, Kakashi's fingers up Naruto's ass all in such a short time that we went "What kind of anime is this?" Needless to say I've been sucked in.

Sucked in in a bad kind of fanfiction way. Because you don't put two prominent male characters kissing (accident or not) in the third episode if you don't want me to get sucked in in the superbad fanfiction kind of way. I'm kind of bummed about the evil!Sasuke thing, but hey. Beggers can't be choosers, right, and damn I can play with that...

So I guess now the only thing is that I have to figure out how to balance, say, three couples I really adore (DracoxRon, CloudxRiku, NarutoxSasuke) plus three I simply adore (LeonxSora, KakashixIruka, ShikamaruxIno (I know--a HET couple: go me!).

My brain is going to explode. Implode.

I've been feeling awfully creative lately. I'm sure this attributes to my insanity.

Have such good ideas. Will refuse to insert English translations with Japanese versions of catchphrases because I refuse to write in more than one language. Will be hated by many.

I just don't get it, you know? If I'm writing in English and the official English translation is for Sasuke to call Naruto a loser, then that's what I'm gonna do, you know? If I were writing in Japanese it would be different, but I'm not, so...

People are going to hate me. Nothing new. Can't say I care much.

So I humbly await the asskicking that is to come when I ... Hee.

Emotion: creative creative

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Aly thinks I should make a video blog. I think I'm far too rude and/or swear too much to not piss off/offend a shitload of people.